About Us

We are a charity promoting education and improving the lives of the people of Bedford Borough.

Our vision is a community where everyone can thrive.
Our mission is to nurture potential and improve people’s lives.
Our focus is Bedford Borough, while our impact flows far beyond.

Ever since we were founded by Sir William Harpur in 1566, The Harpur Trust has been both providing education and supporting the most disadvantaged people in Bedford. Our charitable objects are to promote education and to support the community. We have grown and evolved hugely, yet we remain true to our roots.

Today, we run four first class independent schools, operate a generous and inclusive bursary programme, and sponsor the HEART Academies Trust. All in all, we give millions of pounds each year, including in grants, to improve people’s lives in our community.

Our long-term strategic plan, Together for Bedford, commits us to invest in people’s futures, and to work for a whole generation to enable more children and young people facing disadvantage to achieve their potential.

Find out more at www.harpurtrust.org.uk.