The Theme

Together For Bedford

We are a charity which has supported the people of Bedford for more than 450 years. During that time the borough has changed massively, but one thing’s stayed the same; we are a strong community and do our best to look after each other. We’ve launched a plan inspired by the people of Bedford and our vision of the borough as a community where everyone can thrive. We’ve called it Together For Bedford – because we believe that if we all work together, we can change things for the better, especially for children and young people.

But Bedford Borough’s strong community is made up of lots of different groups, and one of the great things about communities is that you can decide which one you belong to. After all, a community is just a group of people who have something in common. We asked pupils to help us celebrate, support and involve all our different communities through art, by using their imagination and showing us what they think a strong community looks like.

The children took inspiration from the communities they belong to such as in their school, their sports team or club, where they live, their friends, family, religion or cultural identity. In the workshops they explored how they are involved in their community, who inspires them, what brings their community together, what are the vales of their community and how can people in the brough work together to make it a better place.